Keeping Your Family Warm When the Heats Out

Power outages can cause inconvenience especially during the winters when it’s really cold. People rely on electricity to cater to their needs of heat using gas and electric heaters. Later being a priority as it is less dangerous and home friendly. Surviving the winters without heat can be really difficult and can turn out to be deadly for your family if the weather is severely cold. So, necessary precautions need to be taken in order to survive the cold and live comfortably during the winters when facing power outages.

The tips we will discuss here will keep you and your family safe and warm from the winter cold during prolonged power outages. The first and the foremost thing to do would be to “conserve” the existing heat in house. Trapping this heat is vital as it would considerably reduce the effects of cold and keep your house cozy. Other tips that you need to consider are as follows:


  1. Cover the bases of your exterior doors using thick cloth that will block the cold wind from entering into your house. Hanging woolen sheets or even blankets on the exterior doors will provide extra protection. Keep the doors closed! If for some reason you have to go out, try using the door that goes through the garage or enclosed porch reducing the effect of cold winds on your house.

  2. If the sun is out, open the curtains of the windows facing the sun to let the warm sunlight in. Otherwise, keep the curtains closed to reduce the heat loss through the windows.

  3. If facing a prolonged power outage, trying shifting your family and their activities to one room, preferably the living room, so as to conserve the heat and keep warm. Wear an extra layer of clothes and bring sleeping bags and blankets as a necessary precaution.

  4. A fun and effective thing to do would be to setup a tent (if you have one) in the living room and share it with your family, this will protect you from the cold and would be a fun time for the family as well.

  5. While battling the hunger, make sure to consume the food stored in the refrigerator first. As it starts to go bad after a few hours when facing power outages. The deep freezer on the other hand, retains its cold up to 48 hours, so its wise to use the food stored in it later.

  6. Light up your fire place! Make sure you get your chimney cleaned and inspected before the winter comes and have plenty of fire wood to last through the winters. Lighting up your fire place with fire is a very effective way of keeping yourself and the family warm during the winters. Keep in mind that this can be dangerous if any flammable substances are kept close to it. So, make sure to take all the necessary precautions.


Many of us have back up power supplies in our houses. They may be generators or UPS (uninterrupted power supply). They come in quite handy for using electrical appliances especially electric heaters when there is a surge of power outages. Prior being more effective and long lasting. Some precautions are to be taken while using such backup power supplies.

  1. As generators consume fuel like diesel or gas, they also emit dangerous gases. So, it’s vital that they be put in open areas and not in enclosed rooms or a garage. As this can be very dangerous. A simple spark can ignite a flame and burn down the entire house.

  2. While using the battery-operated power supply, make sure to consume electricity in an efficient way as the charge in the batteries is limited and can run out very quickly.

Portable gas heater


Portable heaters are another option to keep your house warm in the winters. Kerosene heaters or propane heaters are a viable option to keep the house warm. But make sure to keep a window open so as to avoid gas buildup in the house. As these heaters produce carbon monoxide and can be very dangerous for health and can even cause death. One more thing to keep in mind is to make sure that all flammable materials and substances are kept at a distance from these heaters and their usage is kept to a minimum. Any precaution is to make sure that your gases detecting sensors are working fine otherwise the gas build up will remain undetected and turn out to be lethal for the family.


It is quite understandable that staying for long hours at home during power outage can get boring and depressing. So, it is nice to go out to kill boredom. But before you leave make sure to take the following necessary precautions so as to avoid any mishaps.

  1. Before you leave make sure to unplug and switch off any electronic devices connected, so that they aren’t affected in the event of a power surge when the electricity comes back on.

  2. Shutting off the main water valve and draining the water from the faucets would prevent pipes from freezing or bursting.

  3. If you have a stand-alone alarm system, make sure to activate it before you leave. Remember, Safety First!

  4. Make sure all the doors and the windows are closed and locked so that the heat can be conserved and the house is warm when you come back.

Severe cold temperatures during the winters can be really frustrating especially if complimented by power outages. It is vital that you take the necessary precautions mentioned above to keep yourself and your family safe and warm. Extra care should be taken of the elderly people in the family. As the cold can severely affect their health. Make sure to keep an eye on their health and don’t hesitate to call 911 when they exhibit strange behavior. As that might even be hypothermia. But not everything has to be dark and cold in the winters. If you look at the bright side, this gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family without any distraction from your mobile phone notifications or any catchy news on the tv. Just take the necessary precautions, sit back, relax and enjoy the time with your family and friends.