Air Source Heatpumps- Heating Your Home in The Most Efficient Manner

What Is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Heating a home has never been as costly as it is today, and it will just turn out to be more costly with Oil demands and costs set to take off soon. So, what would you be able to do to decrease the expense of your heating bills? Indeed, use less oil! That sounds simple yet shouldn’t something be said about your comfort?

An air-source heat pump is an effective method for cooling and heating your home or office. They keep running on power and utilize the air temperature outside to cool or heat buildings. They have a refrigerant system that comprises a compressor and a condenser. Fundamentally, it assimilates heat in one area and discharges it in another.

These heat pumps are essentially used to warm a building; however, they can also be utilized to cool one. They can give all the heating and cooling requirements for a building in the areas of moderate temperatures. They are also used to heat water and they can heat water up to 65ºC. In some cases, they must be matched with more conventional methods for heating water because their effectiveness can drop in cool temperatures.

How Does it Work?

These heat pumps work on the same rule to a household fridge. Similarly, as a cooler concentrates heat from its inside, air-source heat pumps concentrate heat from the outside air even when the temperature outside is as cold as – 19c. The heat separated from the air is ingested into a liquid, which is siphoned through a heat exchanger in the heat pump. The low-grade heat removed by the refrigeration system is then gone through a heat pump blower and is then amassed into a higher temperature of heat which can be utilized to warm your home.

Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps

There are many advantages of heating your home most efficiently through Air Source Heatpumps. Some of them are discussed below:

Cheaper to Oil Fired Heating or LPG Alternatives

When installed and measured effectively, Air Source Heat Pumps are a less expensive type of warming than Oil Fired Heating or LPG boilers. Air Source Heat Pumps ought to have a COP of around 4.2 which implies that for each 1kW of power you put in to run it you receive 4.2kW worth of heat in return.

Help You to Save Your Money

It is one of the cost-effective answers for your mechanical high temp water needs. It is extremely useful in decreasing your service bills since it devours low power. Then again, if you utilize some other option for your boiling water needs, in this way, it might be exorbitant and increase your service bill also.

Generate Less CO2 Emissions

Since heat pumps are high in proficiency and they work utilizing the power they produce less Co2 discharges than other heating frameworks that keep running on Gas, LPG or Oil.

Easy Installation

It has a jagged structure which makes it simple to fit in any space and thusly, it is simple to install and work too. It requires low upkeep than some other item, even though its support is simple.

Combine Heating and Cooling Systems into One

At the point when you install air source heat pumps, you profit by the warmer and forced air system in one. This implies you can diminish expenses and time related to installing two unique systems that fill separate needs, just as decrease the measure of physical space required for two individual innovations.

Electric Shock Resistant

Because of its trend-setting innovation and solid structure, these air-source heat pumps are stun verification and play out their capacity without making any issue.

Energy Efficiency

Although air-source heat pumps will require the power to run, they will make a negligible effect on the earth. At the point when individuals over-depend on their boilers, it can both harm and will expand the carbon impression of a home. It will also bring about traditional sources of vitality running dry which can be distinguished as the motivation behind why bills are reliably expanding.


Each winter there is the dread that your boiler will break and need a fix. This can be a genuine burden, particularly if the breakdown administration can’t get to your home in a rush. When air source heat pumps are installed in your home, they can typically be disregarded with no consideration or upkeep for 20-30 years. It is likewise worth thinking about how a lot of cash you could spare over this timeframe.

Space Saver

Pumps cannot be seen or heard once installed. They will consume next to no space in the home and are regularly set outside of the home, as opposed to in it, which means they will never disrupt the general flow.

Health Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

In contrast with other cooling and heating advances, air-source heat pumps are calm to work. Most prominently in case you’re hoping to cool your home and utilize a window cooling unit, the air source heat system is fundamentally calmer (and more wonderful to utilize.)

Air source heat pumps also fill in as a decent hotspot for air filtration and dehumidification and can make for happy with living conditions for individuals especially delicate to allergens or poisons noticeable all around.

Notwithstanding expanded agreeableness from clamor benefits, air source heat pumps help improve air quality through air filtration, diminishing allergens noticeable all around while warming and cooling your home. They additionally help to dehumidify your condition, leaving living spaces pleasant.


Concluding from the above mentioned, you can say that air source heat pumps are the correct decision for your mechanical high temp water needs. These are accessible in various setups, in this way, that you can easily settle on the decision which suits your needs.

This system is valuable throughout the late spring and winter months. Although the establishment of the system is more exorbitant than different systems, the air source heat pumps ordinarily pay for themselves in a matter of two or three years. The activity expenses are considerably less than the standard system, making it perfect. Air source heat pumps likewise require little upkeep and ordinarily keep going for significant periods

We have successfully installed LG Therma V R32 ASHP in the Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire areas and South Wales. Saving people considerable amounts on their heating costs.

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